green roe

topic posted Sun, April 18, 2004 - 9:10 PM by  Señor Pájaro
i had some specialty roll last night that they served w/a side of green roe. what roe is GREEN?? don't know what the roll was, we didn't really order it, it just showed up...
posted by:
Señor Pájaro
  • It's wasabe flavored tobiko... I'm not sure if they use food coloring, butr it does taste wasabe-ish.
    • Do they use real wasabe or the green-colored horseradish? Not that there's anything wrong with green-colored horseradish! :)
      • Thank you for helping me remember what a wonderfully strange world we live in. By the way, we do have horned lizards about 40 miles south of here at the Pinicals National Monument outside Holister. And they are so cool. We have a friend that keeps one. Not many people are successful keeping them. It isn't easy to round up the ants.

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